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Ivo working with Roger Wiliiams in Oak Valley SA

Finding their Mojo (in Ceduna and surrounds)

My last mojo project in remote communities around Ceduna in South Australia, conducted for Red Cross, has entered a new stage. Funding has been sourced by Red Cross SA Director, Helen Connolly, to continue the program with the Ceduna Youth Hub. Peter Jericho the co-ordinator of the Ceduna Youth Hub was one of the mojo trainee trainers, “It’s […]

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Mojo Roger Williams from Oak Valley uses the mCamLite and IPhone 5s

Far West Mojo Production Kit 101

Every large mojo project has peculiarities that impact the type of mojo and the equipment that can be used. Here is a vide of the mojo kit we  used in the recent Far West Mojo project, in remote communities, in outback South Australia. In this kit we use the Airstash transfer device to help move […]

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Mojo Conference Ireland (March 27-28 in Dublin)

The Mojo Conference is only  days, hours, minutes and seconds away. So if you haven’t registered get on board.  Amazing presenters. panels and mojo workshops! I want to meet people like organiser Glen Mulcahy and many others we have been chatting to online ! Ilicco Elia a pioneer of mobile journalism believes ‘social media is nothing without mobile,’ […]

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PXW-X70 with its full size handle

PXW-X70 Unplugged

First Impression As the owner of a Sony EX1-R, which has been my workhorse, I was reluctant to buy anything smaller. But the PXW-X70 is a little camera with a big heart. It has all the bells and whistles of the bigger more expensive PXW-X180. But, it is smaller and lighter, it has a 1” […]

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Lumix GX7 creating CMC converts

Until recently I wouldn’t have thought of buying a compact system camera (CSC). Being a Nikon stills devotee and a Sony video camera user, Panasonic wouldn’t have been my first choice. That’s because the other two brands are so reliable and because I’ve got so much invested in gear, especially lenses. Some will argue that stepping […]

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Wireless media drive transfer tests

Hey – having trouble getting your media from or onto or between your devices? Try a WiFi transfer drive. What are they? Well they are a couple of inches long, large, square, rectangular. They create their own WiFi network, that generally talks to an App that lives on your smart device. They are also USB […]

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Mojo trainer and journalist Ivo Burum and Flemming Monster the Aarhus Editor of Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet, use an iPhone to edit on location at a murder scene, while the TV camera person looks on, wondering how he can get the footage. Ivo and Flemming were already updating their earlier send

Digital Evolution

Mojo trainer and journalist Ivo Burum and Flemming Monster the former Aarhus Editor of Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet, use an iPhone to edit on location at a murder scene. (more…)

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Perfect Digital

Danish print publication Ekstra Bladet saw the writing on the proverbial digital wall 10 years ago and has repositioned to deliver news across four platforms in a complex web of traditional news values and digital delivery. (more…)

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