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DR10C recorder

Tascam’s PCM mini recorder with wireless system is a gem. It records onto SD and SDHC cards (up to 32GB) while acting as a pass through failsafe device recording back up sound to your wireless system. It’s small size makes it easy to hide next to a wirelss body pack when it’s used as a […]

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New Mojo Book

The new book Democratising Journalism through Mobile Media: The Mojo Revolution The theory behind my mojo praxis; contextualises mojo around public sphere benefits; Bourdieu’s journalism field; defines mojo pedagogy; introduces mojos role in creating a common digital language (CDL); and proposes a model for mojo implementation across spheres of communication. The previous book Mojo […]

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2016 Mojo Training Schedule

February Jordan – training investigative journalists from Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Qatar, Tunisia and Jordan to mojo. In Amman with ARIJ and NIJ. Myanmar – running 6 mojo workshops for 8 local newsgroups, citizen journalists and university J students March Myanmar – running 6 mojo workshops for 8 local newsgroups, citizen journalists and university J […]

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How to Take Pics

Side by Side: Video Micro and VideoMic Me a first look

Two new microphones from Rode increase the choice when recording smartphone audio. Apart from the mics discussed in the Microphone Comparo on this site and the introduction to Sennheisers AVX system, here are two more offerings for the avid hand held mojo. I like these two mics because they are small yet very efficient. The […]

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Mojo Conference Ireland (March 27-28 in Dublin)

The Mojo Conference is only  days, hours, minutes and seconds away. So if you haven’t registered get on board.  Amazing presenters. panels and mojo workshops! I want to meet people like organiser Glen Mulcahy and many others we have been chatting to online ! Ilicco Elia a pioneer of mobile journalism believes ‘social media is nothing without mobile,’ […]

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