Mojo Conference Ireland (March 27-28 in Dublin)

The Mojo Conference is only Time days, hours, minutes and seconds away.

So if you haven’t registered get on board.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.23.11 pm Amazing presenters. panels and mojo workshops!

I want to meet people like organiser Glen Mulcahy and many others we have been chatting to online !

Ilicco Elia a pioneer of mobile journalism believes ‘social media is nothing without mobile,’ which provides the intimate in social.

Mobile, according to Elia, is a revolutionary modern-day campfire extended storytelling experience because, ‘it enables you to take people on an anytime anywhere cross platform journey that creates the social in social media’

So going the campfire be SOCIAL…be SMART see you at MOJOCON in Ireland 🙂

See you there:)


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