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Perfect Digital

Danish print publication Ekstra Bladet saw the writing on the proverbial digital wall 10 years ago and has repositioned to deliver news across four platforms in a complex web of traditional news values and digital delivery. (more…)

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Figure 9.6s

iMovie 2.0 ahead of the pack

iMovie 2.0 iOS Whether Apple is feeling guilty about binning FCP 7, it’s new lean, mean, iPhone edit machine, is a marvel. Knowing Apple (and none of us really do), iMovie 2.0, is probably only a first step in giving us the full bottle video editing package for the iPhone. And why not, with companies […]

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Mojo in the Timor Elections

Following the mobile journalism workshop in Timor-Leste, in Feb 2012,   The Dili Weekly (TDW) journalists were ready to create mojo reports in the lead up to the March Presidential election and on polling day. (more…)

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