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Side by Side: Video Micro and VideoMic Me a first look

Two new microphones from Rode increase the choice when recording smartphone audio. Apart from the mics discussed in the Microphone Comparo on this site and the introduction to Sennheisers AVX system, here are two more offerings for the avid hand held mojo.

I like these two mics because they are small yet very efficient. The Micro sits on top of the smart phone cradle in a hot shoe mount and will require a TRS to TRRS adapter to use it with an iPhone. It can also be hand held if you are careful. Be mindful when pushing the dead cat on, Screw it so that it sticks, otherwise the wind can blow it off.

Investigative journalist in Kristiansand hand holding the Rode Video Micro

Investigative journalist in Kristiansand hand holding the Rode Video Micro

The VideoMic Me is really the little sister/brother. It has similar spaces with the same size 0,5″ capsule. However it is intended for use without hot shoe and comes with a TRRS plu specifically for use with iOS devices. It cokes with a headphone jack at the back and differs from other similar type alf mics because it has a novel retaining mechanism, to hold it tight.

I have tested the Micro in very windy conditions and it is terrific with almost no wind noise. remarkable really.

My tip is that both mics need to be used as close as possible to the source within meter to ensure minimal background noise. But they will do a good job following a subject as long as the operator doesn’t forget they are directional.

Here are both mics recorded simultaneously in the same room, the same distance from source a=outputted as AIFF files. Can you spot the difference?

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