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SmartMojo Kit Options Oct 2015

What you have in your mojo kit depends on what you want to use it for. Your kit might include a DSLR if you need to do long lens work. Your kit might also include a gimbal and some walkie talkies. Knowing what your job requires is an essential part of being a strong mojo. Your mojo kit is only as good as the skills you bring to the job. Below is a list of equipment that you might look at in your basic mojo kit. Go mojo.

Your simple kit might consist of:
– cradle
– mini tripod
– shotgun mic
– lapel mic
– spare battery charger
– iXpand
– connector cable

Not including the cost of your smart phone the above might cost you less than USD$250 or as much as USD$450.

Disclaimer: I have tested all the gear accept the Video Me mic.

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